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What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Bill Skelton

When one thinks of Traditional Chinese Medicine many times herbs and supplements come to mind, but there are other elements that most people are unaware of. Tai Chi, yoga, meditation and qi gong are all methods of supplementing acupuncture or acupressure. The belief is that you take care of your mind at the same time you address any problems that are happening internally.

Herbal medicines used in Traditional Chinese Medicine are referred to as dietary supplements in the United States. Because of this type of label, dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA. The fact that the FDA doesn’t control herbal medicine can sometimes cause people to shy away from alternative treatment, but if you do research beforehand you will see how beneficial it is. If you are on another method of treatment or medication, consult your doctor before abruptly stopping and starting a new regimen.

Chinese Medicine has different concepts, like the concept that the five elements (fire, earth, wood, metal, and water) represent stages and events in a person’s life. One very important belief is that a person’s Qi is energy flowing through the body that influences health in many ways. Harmony needs to be sought within the body, and Chinese medicine targets whatever is throwing your harmony out of balance. If you have any questions about Chinese Medicine, call us today.