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Don’t stress! Acupuncture Can Help – Acupuncture for Stress

Our Stress Problem

Stress has become a regular part of many Americans’ lives. It is aggravated by work-related factors, financial issues, home life, and the complexity of our relationships. Add in a wide range of global issues and there’s enough to keep people up for many nights. The long-term effects of stress can take a toll on one’s mental health.

So what actually causes us to be stressed? The American Psychological Association conducted its annual Stress in America survey and released the findings in late 2019. Work (64%) and financial issues (60%) are still the highest sources of stress levels in the country. Other larger societal issues are also causing worry. 69% of Americans stress about health care costs and 71% worry about mass shootings. More than 50% of Americans worry about the upcoming presidential election.

So how do people cope with stress? Often, they turn to unhealthy habits to serve as a “quick fix” for their problems. According to brainline, many people cope with stress by smoking, overeating or drinking, or using pills to relax. Anyone can succumb to these tendencies in times of stress, but repeatedly using these mechanisms to cope does not help reduce stress and can lead to other health problems.

Successful Models for Managing Stress That We Can Initiate

Most experts agree that the best way to address stress involves following a comprehensive mind and body approach to wellbeing. Paying attention to diet and nutrition is a great starting point. Being aware of the impact various foods have on the body, such as foods that overly stimulate or cause inflammation, is empowering and modifies stress.

Physical activity is a major factor in the release various types of chemicals in the brain that determine states of mood and wellness. Mindfulness practices effectively help regulate stress responses and even counter stress-caused inflammation. Developing a stable sleep regimen provides the brain with the rest and support it needs to better cope with stress factors.

Research Shows Acupuncture Helps Relieve Stress with Lasting Results

At times, it is important to seek treatment for stress, and acupuncture is proving to be a very effective treatment for relieving stress. It balances stress-induced spikes in stress hormones such as cortisol and has a regulating impact on the sympathetic nervous system. It also promotes the release of endorphins, the hormones that produce a calming and pleasant effect.

As treatments progress, the results last for longer periods of time and patients can maintain the benefits without having to continuously get treatment.

Is Acupuncture the Right Choice For You?

We all will experience some stress living life. It is a normal reaction to the events in our lives and can even be a positive motivating factor. However, when stress takes over your life and becomes a chronic issue, it needs to be addressed.

Acupuncture offers results and it does not have harmful side effects. It will help restore your body to its natural order.

To find out more and to determine if acupuncture is a sensible option for you, please set up a free consultation with our office or call for an appointment. We’ll sit down, talk about your stress, and develop a plan that is right for you. Chronic stress can be overwhelming. We want to help you experience real results that are good for you and your mental health.