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How acupuncture ankle injury treatment helped a hiker

One of the many benefits of my job is working with amazing people! This past summer I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful young woman, Samantha, who came in due to an injury to her left ankle.  She had been diagnosed with tendinopathy in her left ankle.  While she was doing her prescribed tendinopathy treatment through physical therapy, she felt like she needed more.  Hiking trails is her happy place and she needed to get back out as soon as possible.  She had a date with the Grand Canyon and needed to train!

Samantha, while very active, has an underlying genetic disorder, Beals Syndrome. This condition affects the connective tissue which made this injury even more problematic. Working together we soon had her back out on the trail.

After a total of nine ankle injury treatments, Samantha was excited to share that she realized her dream. While the September heat did not make for an ideal situation, she wrote, “I backpacked the Grand Canyon pain-free! It was 110 degrees so we had to start at 4 am each day to beat the sun.”

If you’re dealing with pain from your favorite activity, acupuncture for sports injuries can offer relief and healing. Do you have an injury that is preventing you from realizing your dreams?  Let’s talk about if acupuncture can help you.