Sally Inabinet

For several years I suffered with diverticulitis. I saw a well-known gastroenterologist, had a colonoscopy, and no problems were found. The pain continued, and I was put on medication to no avail. My son told me of two friends who were cured by an acupuncturist. When I consulted with my physician, he immediately sent me to Dr. William Skelton. After only one treatment, the pain abated, and I have had no gut pain since.

Now, I will begin treatment for arthritis, which has plagued me for several years (due to 30 years of teaching). Praying Dr. Skelton can ‘fix’ this problem, too! He is such a carrying, thorough doctor. I am depending on his expertise. He is caring and patient, and he always gives his best to help his patients, which gives us confidence in his ability.