Our Experience

Our Experience

Over decades of practice, we have developed a comfortable treatment experience that fuses a practical, unique style of acupuncture with a Western approach. Our work with hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers as well as research and teaching experience provides our patients with the best of both Eastern and Western health care. The Acupuncture Clinic is the oldest acupuncture clinic in South Carolina. Our practitioner Bill Skelton has been at the forefront of a national effort to bring acupuncture into our medical system in a sensible and safe way.

Our Exceptional Training

Our diverse educational backgrounds and our commitment to remain current with the latest advance in the profession enable us to provide the best comprehensive treatments possible.

Our Specialization

We specialize in treating the whole person by providing therapies that complement the medical care you are currently receiving. We are known for our ability to help with the treatment of pain, with functional disorders, and with mood and stress related conditions.

The Way We Treat You

We enjoy treating our patients the way we would like to be treated ourselves. Consultations are free; we will gladly tell you whether we feel we could be of help and try to thoroughly explain how acupuncture might be of benefit.

Our Extremely Safe, Gentle, and Effective Treatment

We incorporate the latest advances in our profession, state-of-the-art equipment and, of course, disposable needles to ensure your safety. The art of experienced practice combined with the effectiveness of treatments provide our patients with a pleasant and beneficial experience.

We Asked Our Patients

We know it can be difficult deciding on an acupuncture practice that you can trust to provide the best of care. We asked our patients to list the five most important reasons they would share with a person considering The Acupuncture Clinic.