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About Melanie Andreen

Melanie Andreen

I love getting to know the people who come to me for treatment. I get to connect with them as people as well as patients. Most importantly, I listen carefully to the needs of every patient and provide an atmosphere of compassion.

I became part of The Acupuncture Clinic family 12 years ago when I became a patient as an alternative to surgery. After months of tests, the source of my abdominal pain was determined to be a spasming gallbladder. Surgery was recommended to remove my gallbladder. As the mother of young children, I was not prepared to take the risk of an elective surgery. Acupuncture was recommended as an alternative.  During the course of my treatment, not only did my gallbladder get better but my anxiety improved along with my sleep and digestion. In short, my overall quality of life improved!

My undergraduate degree is in Accounting; after college I worked for Coopers & Lybrand. However, once I had children my primary job became Mom. My days and nights were filled with questions: “Why? How?…” My home is one that has always fostered the love of learning and especially science. My daughter graduated from the University of Alabama with a BS in Chemical Engineering and a BA in Spanish, with a minor in Chemistry and works for Dow Chemical as a Quality Engineer. My middle child is a Cadet at West Point and majoring in Mechanical Engineering. My youngest is in an elite math and science program at a local high school. (I will admit to bragging on my children; I am a very proud mother!) I want you to know that acupuncture had to be evaluated by some very skeptical people to be accepted in my family, and it passed the test! I have lived in the Columbia area for 21 years and have been a very active member of the community. Now as part of The Acupuncture Clinic team, I look forward to helping our patients enjoy their best lives!